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    About Us

We believe that the real battle entrepreneur’s face is a battle for your minds and attention. We believe that by working together and helping each other we can achieve our goals and our true potential.

We teach you how to master your daily habits, increase your intentionality, create accountability and show you how to set and then achieve your vision and goals.

Our online portal connects driven, goal orientated people into highly targeted Mastermind Groups and One-to-One peer accountability sessions. For business owners who want to achieve better results. We help you create consistency via community.

Building Business & Networking

I’ve started over 5 business over the past 12 years, some really successful and others were failures. I’ve attend lots of networking events both paid and free often leaving frustrated with the randomness of who you meet vs time expended. Industry events I attended were often dull discussions about the same topics and lacking attendee diversity, fresh perspective and any solid business help. I also got tired of meeting people that were not a good fit for me both in business and intellectually. Now I’m no MBA (I stopped formal education in high school) but being talked at for 20 minutes from some random stranger is really not my idea of fun & a total waste of my time.

Reality Check

One day I looked at what my business had achieved (dominant niche leader but at the bottom of the events food chain) and more importantly my sphere of influence. Yes you guessed it – it was almost zero. Despite being a market leader and over 3500 raving customers I wasn’t considered an influential person. I had a few suppliers and companies that I did business with who knew, liked and trusted me but that was all. I realised that I need to surround myself with more people that inspired me, motivated me and can help me achieve better results.

Searching for PLU’s (People Like Us)

I looked around for other business owners like me that were interested in continuous learning and were committed to work on themselves & their business. Plus, here’s the kicker, they also had be good at commitment. Guess what – I didn’t find many. Turns out it’s a pretty small group and that shrinks even smaller when you enter a room of random strangers.

What I found

So I joined a Mastermind group and finally found a way to help me be accountable, share my ideas (good and bad ones), get great advice (that’s impartial and also free) and make some great connections (that are still going strong to this day) I looked around for other ways to connect with business owners on the same level as me and only found really expensive options like expensive courses or 12 month programs.

The Gap In The Market

So we build Eccountability to fill the gap in the market. We tailored the groups (known as Tribes) to cover everyone from pre-starters (Wantrapreneurs) to successful kick-ass business owners and everyone in between. We match users on skill set, personality and current needs. If you want to gain some accountability in your business then come on in and “Find Your Tribe”