Break The Seal – Goal Setting Hack

Break The Seal – Goal Setting Hack

How To Break The Seal

Have you ever thought about how to break the seal? Procrastination is a terrible behavior trait — it’s a trait, not a habit (we looked it up). However, a trait is still something that can be recognized, addressed and worked on for improvement. Procrastination can stop you from doing many of the things you really want to achieve – so if you suffer from it, then it’s a great idea to work on this and find ways to combat it. Life sometimes gives us too many choices – and we end up taking none of them. We are afraid of making the wrong choice, so we make no choice. When faced with too many choices, our brains are hardwired to switch off (not a great survival technique). Just by starting something we can break the cycle and at this point, we often tend to find out that the majority of our fears and doubts were unfounded. They were almost entirely imaginary (thoughts stuck playing over and over in our head) and the worst case scenario’s and fears that we are harboring were unfounded. So we are going to show you a quick hack to help you get started on something you may have been putting off.

To start a long put off a project, you need three things:

  1. A clear(ish) idea of what it could look like when finished
  2. The support and advice from your Mastermind group
  3. To take the very 1st step and start it (A.K.A. Break The Seal)
By breaking the seal, you overcome all that mental anguish inside you, and it changes your mindset from “thinking” to “doing.” From imaginary to real. Once it’s real, you can apply your problem solving mental muscle (which you have trained over the years) and get to work on the actual not the ephemeral side of things. This is where it now becomes much more real – and as a result was much less scary.  Once you take some kind of action (any kind) – you have some momentum, and it’s often harder to stop than to start. You don’t have to finish the work immediately, but you do need to begin. But here is the best hack: doing it in front of people! It sounds wrong (and a little bit scary) but this makes it so much easier.

The One Thing

What single thing have you been putting off? What project, or action you have been putting off (a new product, new service, changing your website, writing a book, building an online course) – Something that you really want to do, and it keeps coming back to you and then being put off for later. Write down the basics of what the idea is.

Ask for Help

If you need help with this, let the Tribe know. Tell them what you want to achieve and to come up with a few ideas or suggestions that may help. Try and be specific so they can prepare in advance.


Prep in advance, so you are “shovel ready” – (It’s an Australian saying). Do your own preparation. If it’s a document, PowerPoint or required login to something – make sure you are ready to go and can immediately start the task. Your Tribe is there for you, and you don’t want to keep them waiting.

Get started

Let’s start. Take the 1st step. Break the Seal. Right there, live during your Mastermind meeting. Ask for input on the things you are unsure of from people you know might have some knowledge in this area. Get advice support and help along the way. Remember it doesn’t have to be perfect, and you won’t even finish it – but you will have made a start with the support and help from your trusted inner circle.


Remember to thank everyone for helping you with this task/project. Remember to give everyone an update on the progress. They want to feel invested and like they have contributed and love seeing effort rewarded. It should also inspire others to “break the seal,” and it’s a useful goal setting hack that you can return to again and again.