How to Support Your Mastermind Tribe

Supporting Your Mastermind Tribe

“How can I help my Tribe?” This is the #1 question you should be asking yourself as you prep for your next meeting.

Business is all about solving someone else’s problems – at a price, they are happy to pay so helping people is already second nature to you.

Mastermind groups are all about collectively solving each other’s problems – “standing on the shoulders of giants” and making it easier by sharing your knowledge, expertise and offering your help. So when it comes to sharing resources here are a few ways that you can potentially add value to your Tribe.

Thinking of Others

Ask yourself “What came across my desk, my radar or even a face to face meeting where I heard, saw or met someone that I think can be of benefit to someone within my tribe.”  Anything that you think would be useful or relevant to either an individual or the group.

Examples include:

  • Newspaper article on a particular topic
  • Blog Post you read, and thought was relevant
  • Podcast to which you listened
  • Conversation you had (or even overheard)
  • Book you read recently
  • Forums of which you are a member
  • Networking event that you attended

Great networkers always…

The great networkers are ALWAYS thinking about how they can help other people they know and share information they think would be useful and relevant to that person.

In a crowded room when you meet someone, you should be viewing any new contact from two different perspectives—yours and also your those of people in your “Tribe.”

We all know the seven degrees of separation principle, but usually, we tend to apply this only to our unique perspective. But, if you are paying close attention and looking at these meetings from more than one angle, there are multiple possibilities. When you meet someone, ask yourself:

  1. Are they someone that I can connect with? This can be both a personal or professional level. E.G., You may never require the services they offer, but if they seem genuine and you make a good personal connection, then that’s still a win. Remember, circumstances change. 1-2 Years down the track, you may need to reach out to them for help, advice or even their services.
  2. Can they help someone in your Tribe? Was anything they said or talked about potentially useful for anyone you know? By sharing their details, you help someone without the expectation of getting anything back – just a kind thought. People appreciate and remember these things, and you’re building some karma currency without ever knowing when it will be coming back to you.
  3. What do you already have or know? Maybe you have a template for onboarding, finding your ideal customer avatar, killer copywriting headlines, or LinkedIn marketing ebook. If you have used something that has worked well float the idea in the group with a quick question. Example: “Is anyone interested in learning how to leverage LinkedIn marketing? I’ve got a great EBook if you want.”

Wrapping Things Up

Remember, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The answers to your business questions are often just one connection away.

It’s a fact that when you increase your reputation as someone that is both trustworthy and also caring, this leads to higher fees and salary.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”
John F. Kennedy

It’s time to practice sharing resources for your Mastermind Tribe. Can you think of one thing you can share at your next meeting?