Platform Features

Built with you in mind to keep Masterminds focused & productive!

Eccountability Mastermind Platform

Video & Audio

There’s just nothing that beats being able to see and hear someone — you know, ACTUAL communication.

Flexible Scheduling

Choose a day and time that best-suits your schedule. We’ll focus on what we do best: creating the ideal group dynamic.

Role Allocation

You can assign an accountability role to track commitments. Plus, getting goals out in the open motivates you to get more done.

Goal Setting & Reminders

Easily set weekly goals during your group session. We’ll even send you reminders to help you stay on track.

Built-in Timer

Keep your meetings on track and organized using the platform’s timer.

Group Chat

Share helpful links via the built-in messenger. Download the chat log so you don’t forget to read that article!

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