Online Mastermind Groups

Online Mastermind Groups



YWhen you are looking to find online mastermind groups there are a few key things to consider before you spend your time searching for one.

First we need to point out that there are a number of pseudo online masterminds like MeetUps and Facebook groups. You need to clearly distinguish the difference between the 2 and know what a mastermind group is so that you make the right choice.

For those that are serious about joining a real Mastermind that has purpose and structure (for the best outcomes), we have provided a breakdown on the type of typical key differences you must be aware of to avoid choosing the wrong type of group for you.

With the increase in popularity of webRTC (Real Time Communications) and other similar platforms for video and screen sharing – the need to actually travel to attend a mastermind group has dramatically diminished and as a result, online mastermind groups have seen rapid exponential growth.

The 3 key factors in this growth are the cheaper price to attend a mastermind meeting, increased diversity of online groups and greater convenience or flexibility..

What To Look For?

An active group

It is one of the key things to look for when choosing a mastermind group. You want to find a group that meets regularly and also honours that commitment.
Aside from that, the members show up for each meeting (or at least the vast majority of them). Plus, having an active group means there are regular contributions from everyone and you create deeper bonds within the group.

Similar Business Level

You need to connect to people around the same experience as yourself. Having a few members that are a little more or less experienced is fine, as long as the gap isn’t too big.
Inexperienced business owners can feel intimidated if everyone is significantly more experienced and also high achievers need to be pushed and motived themselves.


Diverse Background

You need diversity to achieve better results. Having everyone from a similar background or even country can sometimes hinder the group, plus you want to avoid the possibility of group think.
The more contrasting ideas and opinions you get the better so often people who may not seem like a logic fit end up providing some of the most left-field suggestions or contribu



The time and day of the week needs to be convenient for you – otherwise you are far less likely to attend on a regular or consistent basis.Find a group that matches your lifestyle and availability (where possible).
But remember, if the ideal mastermind is in a slightly different time zone or day of the week you might need to be flexible and make a small sacrifice to join the perfect group


Questions You Don’t Know
( Until You Know To Ask)


What is expected of you? You are expected to make the vast majority of the meetings so ensure that you can fully commit before you decide to join a group.
Holidays and other one-time existing commitments are okay, however, masterminds work best when the routine has been set and attendance is high.


Ideal Size

The ideal size of an online mastermind group should be between 4-8 people. With 4 being the absolute minimum. You need to allow for the fact that sometimes people just won’t be able to make every session.
If your group is as low as 4 this means that if 1 person cannot make it you are already as low as 3. If a second person also cannot attend that session then it becomes just a one-to-one.
This structure is then more like an accountability session than a true mastermind so size does matter.`


The Best Fit For Me

You really won’t know until you actually join one. Each group dynamic is different so it’s almost impossible to know with 100% certainty.

What we know from experience is that attitude is the overriding key factor in making a mastermind group work well.
Ideally, you want to be able to choose from multiple groups and something that would suit your specific needs.


How to Find a Niche Online Mastermind Groups

There are no actual directories for Mastermind meetings because traditionally they have been run as an extra part of a course or coaching product. This means that you would have to have been a client of that company or coach or been personally invited directly to join a mastermind.

You can try running a simple Google search to find online groups for a certain niche.


Google “Online mastermind group for _________” Here you just need to insert the niche that you are working in. This could be anything from SEO, Life coaches, book authors, affiliate marketing or professional blogging.

Just remember that only masterminding within your niche has both positive and negative advantages.

As a general rule of thumb we would suggest being in a niche group when you are early in your business cycle but when you are more experienced you want diversity of thought and ideas.

If you don’t get the results you want try using a different Google country extension. EG if you searched using your country default Google (mine is Australia) then change this to UK or even just the .com extension to broaden your search results.

Remember Google is trying to stay hyper-local to you but when you are looking specifically for online mastermind groups you don’t care about local so want the widest possible search results to show up.

If you still haven’t found your ideal mastermind group let us know by leaving a comment below and we will help you find the perfect group for you (it’s out there somewhere).

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