Complete Your Mastermind Check In

Complete Your Mastermind Check In

Why Bother Having Mastermind Check in?

Mastermind check is a great way to start any virtual mastermind or meeting. Don’t just take our word for it – even the Harvard Business Review recommends it for any online meeting.

What Exactly Is It?

It’s a 15-20 second Check-in. This works best when it is quick and succinct, punchy and upbeat. It’s a good idea to write it down in advance.

How Do I Prepare Mine?

Avoid waffling, going into too much detail or going off on a tangent. If there is something important to say you will always have time later. Spend 1-2 minutes before your meeting reflecting on how you feel right now and what in the past 24 hours has influenced you in feeling this way. Clearly, state the reason for it (highs or lows), and then one thing for which you are grateful.

Your Rating

Give yourself a score out of 10 and the 1 or 2 (maximum) reasons for the score. One of the major benefits is that everyone instantly gets a snapshot of how you are feeling based on your rating. Give a mini back-story of why you rated yourself this so your tribe can empathize if you have had a bad/good day/week and also get an idea of your current state of mind (or headspace) and specifically what importance you attached to the reason. Keep it upbeat and mostly positive, even if you feel like screaming at the world or punching a hole in the wall. People gravitate towards upbeat positive people – so don’t push people away by always focussing on the negative. Sure, we all have down days and you should share these with your tribe when it’s important – just don’t make a habit of it.


Ending the mastermind check in with a gratitude helps us finish on a positive (part of the check in may have been negative) and also re-centre our thoughts outward towards what really matters to us, grateful for what we have, what we have achieved and who we surround ourselves with – as we begin to think about others. We’re a self-centered species, so sometimes we need to stop only thinking about ourselves 24/7 – It’s one of the main reasons we are here in a Mastermind group.

Can You Show Me a Good Example?

“Today I am a (9 out of 10). One of the main reasons for this is (I landed a great client today as a direct result of the LinkedIn marketing plan put in place 2 weeks ago). One thing I’m grateful for is (the advice I got from James about his LinkedIn Marketing Strategy).” Be quick and succinct and keep the meeting rolling. Maximum 20 seconds for your check in!

Is That It?

Yes—it really is that simple. Once you are in the habit of completing your mastermind check in each week, you’ll find this small strategy can produce a powerful effect to both the group dynamic and also in how you view your meetings.